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Hi! I’m Carlo

Carlo was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1981. His parents were missionaries with the Churches of Christ and was brought up in an extremely healthy, loving and christian household. While a child in Connecticutt his mother started him in Tang Soo Do, then years later he started wrestling while living in Oklahoma. After watching the first several UFCs he restarted his training in martial arts first with Judo, then Jiu Jitsu. After returning to Brazil with his father in 1998, as a teenager, he took up Luta Livre, Boxing and Full Contact Kickboxing. In the year 2000, after finishing high school, he went to Thailand to train and learn Muay Thai. He ended up going back a year later and staying for 6 months, and was able to train alongside champions and fight in regional stadiums. In 2002, he made the move to Texas, upon invitation from his mother to start college and took advantage of the opportunity to seek out Yves Edwards and Saul Soliz, with whom he started his professional MMA career. After having fought in just about every promotion in the sport, he now seeks to finish his career reaching a personal goal to match his victories in professional MMA (currently 35 wins) with his age. A black belt in Judo (Shodan), Jiu Jitsu (2nd dan), Luta Livre (3rd dan) and Muay Thai, he currently resides in Brazil`s capital city of Brasilia. A father of two beautiful children he enjoys time outdoors, fitness activities and nightlife.

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